Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a company established by engineers in various fieldssuch as design, processing, manufacturing and repair.
We are capable of designing, manufacturing and repairing machines in various fields, and we can customize every single product according to the customer requirements.
In particular, our strength lies in the low price and excellent quality through selection of material (steel grade), precision processing, heat treatment, and precision grinding.

  • Construction machines, construction machine parts.
  • Machine tools (Lathe, Milling and Exclusive Use)
  • Industrial machines(Press, Crusherand Baler)


Perfectly suitable for the draining and cooling with the construction machine where the hydraulic breaker is installed
100% power transmission due to the absence of hydraulic resistance during the hammer (piston) descending
Lower seal not required
High-pressure gas (diaphragm not required)
Through bolt not required
Side bolt not required
Normal operation regardless of the deep scratches on piston
Rod pin (consumable) not required
Semi-permanent valve
Oil lubrication (Grease injection not required)
No malfunctioning due to the resistance applied on drain line
Normal operation regardless of heat